They are manufactured with completely recyclable polystyrene.
The technical characteristics of this article, manufactured by completely automated, advanced
technology machinery, guarantee excellent garment presentation.
All of our hangers are designed with a “brand label” space, where, upon client request, it is possible
to have the product personalised with their own unique logo, in such a way that the end buyer can
immediately recognise the brand label of the garment on display, thus placing even more emphasis on the product and the brand label.
All this series of clothes hangers is designed for the application of a velvet or film non-slip layer to
the end of the shoulder part, on the entire surface of the hanger or just on the back, all with the
possibility to choose from a range of colours.
In any case, all of the shoulder is covered with a series of slightly elevated stripes produced in the
manufacturing process, which help to keep the garment in position once hung, performing an anti-
slip function.